The Visu-Lok® family of fasteners, designed for use in metal structure, have addressed the need for cost-effective one-sided fastener installation for decades.

The basic design of the Visu-Lok® is based on one of the oldest time-proven principles: the nut and bolt. However, the Visu-Lok®, unlike conventional nut and bolt pairings, is fully installed and verified from one side of the structure.

Key Features

  • High strength fastening system available to 112 KSI shear
  • Ease of installation further simplified by the drive nut concept
  • Simple wrenching motion installation provides superior limited-access capability
  • Self-locking device resists loosening in severe vibration environments
  • Self-inspecting – installations are fully verified from one side of the structure
  • Available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and head styles, including oversize and close tolerance interference fit configurations to suit most applications
  • Visu-Lok® is covered by NAS standards and available in either unified or metric sizes
  • Easily adapted to robotic or automated installation

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A cost-effective one-sided fastener installation

With the ease of its one-man, one-sided installation process, the self-locking Visu-Lok® forms a solid blind-side head delivering high tensile, shear, and fatigue values and guaranteed 20% minimum preloads. This simple installation process can be accomplished with either hand or compact power tools operating at standard air pressure levels and can be further simplified by adopting Monogram’s drive nut concept.

Visu-Lok® II fasteners incorporate a disposable hex drive nut, providing a positive fastener-to-tool engagement and eliminating the tendency for flush-style fastener recesses to “cam-out” during installation. With the drive nut common to a variety of diameters and all head styles only two nose pieces are required to install the entire Visu-Lok® II line. Nose pieces never wear out and the disposable magnetic drive nut stays on the discarded pintail after installation permitting easier retrieval and minimizing the chances of small pintails finding their way into F.O.D. critical areas. For automated or robotic assembly Visu-Lok® can also be supplied with Monogram’s Double Cylindrical Drive (DCD) system. The DCD system provides a common tool interface regardless of head style, fastener grip, or diameter. And, because the interface and drive mechanism are cylindrical, there are no orientation problems!

All Visu-Lok® drive styles are available in flush and protruding head configurations satisfying both shear and tension requirements. Visu-Lok® is produced in a wide variety of materials including A286 Corrosion Resistant Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, H-11, Inconel, and other nickel alloys. A wide variety of finish and lubricant combinations are available and defined in Monogram specification PLT5003.

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Part Numbers & Technical Drawings

Part FamilyPrefixMaterialHead StyleShank TypeSpecial FeaturesRated Shear StrengthTechnical Drawing Downloads
Visu-LokPLT1000Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominalHigh Strength75 KSI PLT1000-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1001Alloy SteelHexNominalHigh Strength75 KSI PLT1001-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1005A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalReduced Break-Off75 KSI PLT1005-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1006A286 Cres100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeReduced Break-Off75 KSI PLT1006-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1007AluminumHex1/64 OversizeProt Dome Head PLT1007-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1008Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT1008-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1009Alloy SteelSpl 100 ShearNominalLarger Theo "A" Dia75 KSI PLT1009-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1010Titanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT1010-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1012Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1012-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1013Alloy SteelHex1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1013-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1016A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalReduced Break-Off75 KSI PLT1016-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1017A286 CresHexNominal-75 KSI PLT1017-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1020H-11 Steel100 Degree TensionNominalClose Tolerance Shank /.001 Tolerance And Reduced Sleeve O.D.112 KSI PLT1020-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1028H-11 Steel100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize- PLT1028-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1031TitaniumLow Profile ProtrudingNominalLarge Head O.D.75 KSI PLT1031-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1039H-11 SteelHex1/32 Oversize1/32 O/S To Plt250, I/64 O/S To Plt251 PLT1039-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1055A286 CresHex1/32 Oversize1/32 O/S To Plt220, I/64 O/S To Plt22175 KSI PLT1055-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1056A286 Cres100 Degree Flush1/32 Oversize1/32 O/S To Plt120, I/64 O/S To Plt12175 KSI PLT1056-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1057A286 Cres100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalHigh Break-Off75 KSI PLT1057-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1058Titanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT1058-REV-Y.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1058GSTitanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1058GS-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1058SATitanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalSealant Applications75 KSI
Visu-LokPLT1061TitaniumFlush ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT1061-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1064Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1064-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1064GSTitanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 OversizeGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1064GS-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1064SATitanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 OversizeSealant Applications75 KSI PLT1064SA-REV-C.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1065Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalReduced Break-Off75 KSI PLT1065-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1068Titanium100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1068-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1069TitaniumHex1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1069-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1070Titanium100 Shear1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT1070-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1077Alloy SteelProtruding, Low ProfileNominalSpecial Grip Range And Break-Off75 KSI PLT1077-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1077BAlloy SteelProtruding, Low ProfileNominalPlt1077 With Single Cylindrical Drive Nut75 KSI PLT1077-B-REV-B.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1080Titanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1080-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1081Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 OversizeGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1081-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1082Titanium100 Reduced Flush1/32 OversizeGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1082-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1086Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal75 KSI PLT1086-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1087TitaniumHexNominalGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1087-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1088TitaniumHex1/64 OversizeGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1088-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1089TitaniumHex1/32 OversizeGround Shank /.0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1089-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1091Alloy SteelProtruding Low Profile1/32 OversizeOversize For Plt107775 KSI PLT1091-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1092Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalGround Shank /.001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1092-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1093Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 OversizeGround Shank /.001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1093-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1094Alloy Steel100 Shear1/32 OversizeGround Shank /.001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1094-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1098Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeGround Shank /.001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1098-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1099Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/32 OversizeGround Shank /.001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1099-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT110Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT110-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1100Titanium100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1100-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1101Titanium100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1101-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1102Titanium100 Degree Tension1/32 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1102-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1103Alloy SteelProtruding, Low ProfileNominal75 KSI PLT1103-REV-A.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1105Titanium100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1105-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1106Titanium100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1106-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT1107Titanium100 Degree Tension1/32 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT1107-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT110SAAlloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominalSealant Applications75 KSI PLT110SA-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT111Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeSee Ptl109875 KSI PLT111-REV-R.pdf
Visu-LokPLT112Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionSpecial OversizeGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT112-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT114Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT114-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT115Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT115-REV-R.pdf
Visu-LokPLT120A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT120-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT121A286 Cres100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT121-REV-N.pdf
Visu-LokPLT124A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT124-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT125A286 Cres100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT125-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT130Aluminum100 ShearNominalMillable Hex Head PLT130-REV-T.pdf
Visu-LokPLT131Aluminum100 Shear1/64 OversizeMillable Hex Head PLT131-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT150H-11 Steel100 Degree TensionNominal-112 KSI PLT150-REV-AD.pdf
Visu-LokPLT151H-11 Steel100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize- PLT151-REV-AB.pdf
Visu-LokPLT154H-11 Steel100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance PLT154-REV-AC.pdf
Visu-LokPLT170Titanium100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT170-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT170SATitanium100 Degree TensionNominalSealant Applications75 KSI PLT170SA-REV-C.pdf
Visu-LokPLT171Titanium100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT171-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT174Titanium100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT174-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT175Titanium100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT175-REV-V.pdf
Visu-LokPLT210Alloy SteelHexNominal-75 KSI PLT210-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT211Alloy SteelHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT211-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT214Alloy SteelHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT214-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT215Alloy SteelHexFractional-75 KSI PLT215-REV-U.pdf
Visu-LokPLT220A286 CresHexNominal-75 KSI PLT220-REV-R.pdf
Visu-LokPLT221A286 CresHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT221-REV-R.pdf
Visu-LokPLT224A286 CresHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT224-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT225A286 CresHexFractional-75 KSI PLT225-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT230AluminumHexNominal- PLT230-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT231AluminumHex1/64 Oversize- PLT231-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT250H-11 SteelHexNominal-112 KSI PLT250-REV-Y.pdf
Visu-LokPLT251H-11 SteelHex1/64 Oversize- PLT251-REV-U.pdf
Visu-LokPLT254H-11 SteelHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance PLT254-REV-AA.pdf
Visu-LokPLT270TitaniumHexNominal-75 KSI PLT270-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT270SATitaniumHexNominalSealant Applications / See Plt270 Dwg.75 KSI
Visu-LokPLT271TitaniumHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT271-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT274TitaniumHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT274-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT275TitaniumHexFractional-75 KSI PLT275-REV-U.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5110Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT5110-REV-M.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5110BAlloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominalCylindrical Drive Nut75 KSI PLT5110-B-REV-A.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5111Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5111-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5112Alloy Steel100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5112-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5114Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5114-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5115Alloy Steel100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT5115-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5120A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT5120-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5121A286 Cres100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5121-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5122A286 Cres100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5122-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5124A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5124-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5125A286 Cres100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT5125-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5130Aluminum100 Degree TensionNominalHead Milling Not Required PLT5130-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5131Aluminum101 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeHead Milling Not Required PLT5131-REV-C.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5140A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalInconel Screw95 KSI PLT5140-REV-B.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5144A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance/ Inconel Screw95 KSI PLT5144-REV-A.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5150H-11 Steel100 Degree TensionNominal-112 KSI PLT5150-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5151H-11 Steel100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize- PLT5151-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5152H-11 Steel100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize- PLT5152-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5154H-11 Steel100 Degree TensionNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance PLT5154-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5170Titanium100 Degree TensionNominal-75 KSI PLT5170-REV-U.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5171Titanium100 Degree Tension1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5171-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5172Titanium100 Degree Tension1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5172-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5175Titanium100 Degree TensionFractional-75 KSI PLT5175-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5180Inconel 718100 Degree TensionNominal"X" & "Y" Oversizes112 KSI PLT5180-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5210Alloy SteelHexNominal-75 KSI PLT5210-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5211Alloy SteelHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5211-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5212Alloy SteelHex1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5212-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5214Alloy SteelHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5214-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5215Alloy SteelHexFractional-75 KSI PLT5215-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5220A286 CresHexNominal-75 KSI PLT5220-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5221A286 CresHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5221-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5222A286 CresHex1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5222-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5224A286 CresHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5224-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5225A286 CresHexFractional-75 KSI PLT5225-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5230AluminumHexNominal- PLT5230-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5231AluminumHex1/64 Oversize- PLT5231-REV-B.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5240A286 CresHexNominalInconel Screw95 KSI PLT5240-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5244A286 CresHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance / Inconel Screw95 KSI PLT5244-REV-A.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5250H-11 SteelHexNominal-112 KSI PLT5250-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5251H-11 SteelHex1/64 Oversize- PLT5251-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5252H-11 SteelHex1/32 Oversize- PLT5252-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5254H-11 SteelHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance PLT5254-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5270TitaniumHexNominal-75 KSI PLT5270-REV-R.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5271TitaniumHex1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5271-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5272TitaniumHex1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5272-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5274TitaniumHexNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5274-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5275TitaniumHexFractional-75 KSI PLT5275-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5280Inconel 718HexNominal"X" & "Y" Oversizes112 KSI PLT5280-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5410Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT5410-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5411Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5411-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5412Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced Shear1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5412-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5414Alloy Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalGround Shank / .001 Tolerance75 KSI PLT5414-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5420A286 Cres100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT5420-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5421A286 Cres100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5421-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5422A286 Cres100 Degree Reduced Shear1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5422-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5440A286 Cres100 Degree Reduced ShearNominalInconel Screw95 KSI PLT5440-REV-C.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5450H-11 Steel100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-112 KSI PLT5450-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5451H-11 Steel100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 Oversize- PLT5451-REV-D.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5452H-11 Steel100 Degree Reduced Shear1/32 Oversize- PLT5452-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5470Titanium100 Degree Reduced ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT5470-REV-P.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5471Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5471-REV-L.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5472Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/32 Oversize-75 KSI PLT5472-REV-K.pdf
Visu-LokPLT5510Alloy Steel160 Degree Interference HeadNominal-75 KSI PLT5510-REV-A.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6001Alloy Steel120 Degree ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT6001-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6002A286 Cres120 Degree ShearNominal-75 KSI PLT6002-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6008Alloy SteelProtruding, Low ProfileNominalPlt1077 With Hex Drive Nut75 KSI PLT6008-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6009Titanium100 Degree ShearNominalLarger "A" Diameter And Higher Tensile75 KSI PLT6009-REV-C.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6010Titanium100 Degree TensionSpecial DiameterGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6010-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6011TitaniumHexSpecial DiameterGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6011-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6012Titanium100 Degree Reduced ShearSpecial DiameterGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6012-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6015TitaniumLow Profile ProtrudingNominal-75 KSI PLT6015-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6016Titanium100 Degree Tension1/64 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6016-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6017Titanium100 Degree Tension1/32 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6017-REV-E.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6018TitaniumHex1/64 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6018-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6019TitaniumHex1/32 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6019-REV-G.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6020Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/64 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6020-REV-H.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6021Titanium100 Degree Reduced Shear1/32 OversizeGround Shank / .0005 Tolerance75 KSI PLT6021-REV-J.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6026Nickel AlloyHexNominalHigh Strength PLT6026-REV-F.pdf
Visu-LokPLT6027Nickel AlloyHex1/64 OversizeHigh Strength PLT6027-REV-B.pdf