Monogram’s pioneering spirit in aerospace engineering has brought to market a diverse collection of blind bolts, including Visu-Lok®, Composi-Lok®, Radial-Lok®, and the OSI-Bolt®. These premier products were engineered as solutions to industry demands: low cost one-sided installation, consistent high preload without risk of composite delamination, reduced labor interference fit fatigue enhancement, and a blind installed replacement for pin and collar systems. All Monogram blind bolts are ideally suited for automated assembly and can be supplied with Monogram’s Double Cylindrical Drive (DCD) system. The DCD system provides a common tool interface regardless of head style, fastener grip, or diameter. There are no orientation problems because the interface and drive mechanism are cylindrical.

Blind Bolts

Our high-strength blind bolts are available in a wide range of material and head style options, with designs suited to composite and/or metal structure, oversize repair, and interference fit applications, and in shear strengths from 75 KSI – 112 KSI.

Product Visu-Lok- Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company


The industry-leading Visu-Lok family of fasteners, designed for use in metal structure, have addressed the need for cost-effective one-sided fastener installation for decades.

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Product Composi-Lock - Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company


Designed for use in composite laminates but equally well suited to metal structure, the Composi-Lok family of fasteners provides superior joint integrity.

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Product Radial-Lok - Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company


Offering 360° radial expansion throughout the fastener grip, Monogram’s unique Radial-Lok® blind bolt’s design properties are unmatched by any other blind bolt.

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Product Osi-Bolt - Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company


The revolutionary OSI-Bolt® is a direct replacement for solid shank pin-and-collar systems.

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Temporary Fasteners

Product Wedge Lock Fasteners - Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company

The Wedgelock® line of temporary fasteners is available to support a wide range of applications with manual, plier, and power operated fasteners in a variety of configurations.

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MAF Fastening System

Product MAF Fastener - Monogram Aerospace a Trimas Company

A three-piece fastening system—pin, collar, and lock ring—that provides a simple, straightforward solution for fastening materials that are sensitive to high clamping loads.

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Monogram Aerospace Fasteners Product Families - Blind Bolts Temporary Fasteners, Collars, Double Flush Fasteners, MAF FASTENING SYSTEM

A variety of frangible and swage type collars in A286 and titanium materials for use with industry standard threaded and swage pins.

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Double Flush Fasteners

Double Flush Fasteners

Aerodynamic through-fastening of airfoil shapes such as the trailing edge of horizontal tailplanes and vertical stabilizers is achieved with the vise-like preload consistency of a rotary-actuated fastener design.

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