The revolutionary OSI-Bolt® is a direct replacement for solid shank pin-and-collar systems. The innovative design of this high strength fastener for primary structure delivers strength with the added advantages of simple one-sided installation and a flush break-off for installed cost savings in both metal and composite structure.

The updated titanium Ti-OSI® combines all these advantages in a weight-saving configuration.

Key Features

  • Physical strength comparable to shear-type pin-and-collar systems
  • 95 KSI shear and 112 KSI shear availability
  • Available in a variety of hex, tension, shear, and protruding head styles
  • Diameters from 5/32″ to 1/2”
  • 1/64” and 1/32” oversize availability
  • 1/16” grip with +/- .015” capability
  • “Vise-like” sheet take-up consistently provides the highest preload in the industry
  • Flat, uniform blind-side footprint is the largest in the industry
  • Blind-side formation is away from the edge of the exit hole
  • Seven degree blind slope capability
  • Interference fit to .003” in steel
  • Resistant to vibration
  • Ideally suited to composite or metallic applications
  • Lightweight titanium version available
  • Internally self-sealing to 100 PSI air
  • Easily adaptable to Monogram’s robotic Double Cylindrical Drive (DCD) system

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A unique new fastening system

OSI-Bolt® diagram with descriptionsTraditionally, blind fasteners have been used in secondary airframe structure where joint loads are less severe than in primary structure. Solid shank fasteners are normally used in these highly stressed areas because of their ability to carry high shear and tensile loads.

The OSI-Bolt® is a unique new fastening system specifically designed as a direct replacement for solid shank pin-and-collar systems; its shear, tensile, and preload properties meet or exceed that of its pin-and-collar counterparts. Moreover, unlike two-piece fastening systems, where two operators are required to work together on opposing sides of a structure to complete an installation, the entire OSI-Bolt® installation is facilitated from one side of the structure, eliminating the need for a second operator.

Other OSI-Bolt® design features include its demonstrated ability to be installed in high interference fit conditions (.006” in aluminum and .003” in steel) without losing sheet take-up and preload capabilities. Its large blind-side footprint coupled with the industry’s highest preload make the OSI-Bolt® suitable for both composite and metallic airframes. The OSI-Bolt® is available in fractional diameters 5/32” through 1/2” and standard (1/64” & 1/32”) repair oversizes in Titanium, A286 CRES and Inconel-718 materials to satisfy 95 KSI and 112 KSI shear strength requirements.

The OSI-Bolt® is directly interchangeable with standard and oversize pin-and-collar systems, can be installed with standard NAS1675 type tooling and, because the OSI-Bolt® always breaks flush, there is no secondary shaving required. OSI series fasteners are tested to NAS1675 vibration endurance requirements and are highly resistant to vibration. Providing a full 1/16” (.0625) grip accommodation with +/- .015” capability, the OSI-Bolt® is also 7° backside slope and interference fit capable and is internally self-sealing to 100 PSI air.

Material Options

A-286 Stainless
A-286 stainless steel is an age-hardenable, iron-nickel-chromium superalloy. It’s appropriate for applications that demand oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance in combination with high tensile strength. A-286 has high strength and corrosion resistance for temperatures up to 1300°F (704°C) and oxidation resistance up to 1800°F (982°C). Additionally, A-286 alloy is an austenitic stainless steel, making it ideal for fastener applications, manifold components in the oil and gas industry, as well as superchargers, jet engines, and turbine components.

Inconel 718
A nickel-based superalloy, Inconel 718 is well-suited for applications requiring high strength in a wide range of temperatures, from subzero up to 1400°F. Inconel 718 also displays excellent tensile and impact strength.

Titanium can deliver an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio, which can result in up to 40% weight savings when compared to fasteners made with traditional alloys.

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Part Numbers & Technical Drawings

Part FamilyPrefixMaterialHead StyleShank TypeSpecial FeaturesRated Shear StrengthTechnical Drawing Downloads
OSI-BoltBG2031A286 CresHexNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2031-REV-D.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2032A286 Cres100 Degree TensionNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2032-REV-F.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2034A286 Cres100 Degree Shear (MS20426)NominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2034-REV-AH.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2035A286 CresRound ProtrudingNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2035-REV-AJ.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2041Inconel 718HexNominalClose Tolerance Shank 112 KSI BG2041-REV-D.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2042Inconel 718100 Degree TensionNominalClose Tolerance Shank 112 KSI BG2042-REV-G.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2044Inconel 718100 Degree Shear (Ms20426)NominalClose Tolerance Shank 112 KSI BG2044-REV-AD.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2045Inconel 718Round ProtrudingNominalClose Tolerance Shank 112 KSI BG2045-REV-AB.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2081TitaniumHexNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2081-REV-K.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2082Titanium100 Degree TensionNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2082-REV-AF.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2083Titanium130 Degree FlushNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2083-REV-T.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2084Titanium100 Degree Shear (Ms20426)NominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2084-REV-AD.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2085TitaniumRound ProtrudingNominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2085-REV-AA.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2086Titanium100 Degree Shear (ASNA2391)NominalClose Tolerance Shank 95 KSI BG2086-REV-M.pdf
OSI-BoltBG2186Titanium100 Degree Shear (ASNA2391)NominalProtruding Installation Tabs95 KSI BG2186-REV-G.pdf
OSI-BoltBGV2068Titanium100 Degree Shear Crown NominalVisu Lok Sleeve95 KSI BGV2068-REV-L.pdf