TriMas Aerospace offers a wide variety of specialty products, including fastener solutions, high pressure ducting, and precision-engineered components. Our team stands ready to partner with you to provide custom engineered solutions in support of your unique requirements.

TriMas Aerospace Threaded Blind Bolts

Threaded Blind Bolts

Our Monogram Aerospace business offers a premier line of threaded blind bolt solutions engineered to support industry demands for one-sided installation and automated assembly.

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TriMas Aerospace Collars


In addition to threaded blind bolts, Monogram built a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Arizona to support our line of collar solutions.

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TriMas Aerospace Temporary Fasteners

Temporary Fasteners

Both Monogram and Allfast offer a line of temporary fasteners to support a wide range of applications. Our Monogram Wedgelock® line is available to support a wide range of applications with manual, plier, and power operated fasteners in a variety of configurations. Our Allfast tack fasteners line facilitates automated riveting with excellent hole fill and clamp up.

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Monogram Aerospace Blind Rivets

Blind Rivets

Our Allfast business offers a line of pull-type blind rivets and blind bolts, including our Allmax/Supermax line, NAS1919/1921, A Codes, AB Codes, and others.

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TriMas Aerospace Solid Rivets Product Family

Solid Rivets

In addition to blind rivets, Allfast is a leading supplier of solid rivets, including skin rivets, wing rivets, composite rivets, and premium rivets.

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Standard Bolts and Screws

Our Mac Fasteners business is a high-volume producer of standard aerospace screws and bolts, including NAS, MS, AN, and AS standards used around the world in support of a variety of commercial and military applications.

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Metallic Ducting Assemblies

RSA is a market leader in the design and manufacture of engineered metallic ducting assemblies. Their products can be found in the most critical aircraft applications. Ducting assemblies, along with high temperature seal connectors, flexible joints, ozone converters and complex assemblies are custom-engineered to our customer’s performance requirements.

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Complex Machined Components

Precision Machining

Our Martinic Engineering business is a leading manufacturer of highly engineered complex parts utilizing state-of-the-art machinery to provide a high level of operational precision during the machining and assembly processes.

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