Mac Fasteners, part of TriMas Aerospace, is a high-volume producer of standard aerospace screws and bolts, which are globally utilized by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aftermarket repair companies, and commercial and military aircraft producers. Product line includes NAS, MS, AN, and AS standards in applicable materials of A286, 302, and 431 stainless steels, 4037, 8740, and INCO-718, as well as an array of bespoke fastening solutions.

Centrally located in Ottawa, Kansas, MAC Fasteners provides AN, MS, and NAS standards, as well as numerous specialized fasteners to a worldwide market for commercial and military applications.

Engineering, tooling, heading, secondary operations, heat-treating, and plating are provided to ensure the highest quality product from specification to finished product. The complete in-house testing laboratory is the positive assurance of quality product, and the hub of a comprehensive quality system that monitors all steps in the manufacturing process.

MAC utilizes an experienced team, state-of-the-art technology, exceptional engineering and metallurgical expertise, and a strong Midwest work ethic to provide AN, MS, and NAS standard bolts and screws at a quality level second to none.

From specification to finished product, MAC is the quality source in aerospace fastener manufacturing.


MAC provides complete engineering services.  With access to the latest revisions of national and international standards and specifications, MAC develops manufacturing drawings to maintain accuracy and control throughout the manufacturing process and to ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds all applicable standards and specifications.


Manufacturing capabilities include primary heading and thread rolling equipment with sizes from .094 to .625 inches in diameter and .185 to 4.000 inches in length.  Secondary operation equipment for trim, shave, point, drill, and fillet roll support the primary equipment.  MAC utilizes both in-house equipment and outside processors for heat treat, plate, passivate, electropolish, coating, and identification.

Quality Testing Laboratory

MAC utilizes a complete fastener testing laboratory to ensure conformance to all drawing and specification requirements.  The laboratory meets the requirements of AS9100D, as well as ISO 17025.  The laboratory has in-house capabilities for external thread inspection – System 21, 22, 23 adhesion and coating thickness testing, corrosion testing, microhardness and Rockwell hardness testing, shear, fatigue, tensile and torque tension testing, metallography, stress durability, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant inspection.  The laboratory monitors the entire manufacturing process through statistical process controls and provides continual technical support to all phases of the operation.