Allfast is the world leader in solid rivet design, manufacture and delivery. Built upon nearly fifty years of experience, Allfast’s quality is unparalleled and our products can be found on nearly every platform. Our innovation has helped aerostructures to be lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic. With nearly 40,000 unique part numbers in our catalog, it is certain Allfast can produce the right solid rivet for your unique applications.

Some of Our Most Popular Solid Rivets

Allfast composite rivets

Composite Rivet

  • Titanium semi tubular rivets
  • Provides double flushness on trailing edges
  • Meets BACR15GA and B020525 requirements
Allfast skin rivets

Skin Rivet

  • Improved Flushness
  • Elimination of halos/eyebrows
  • No shaving required
  • SPC controlled head and protrusion
  • Meets BACR15GF requirements
Allfast wing rivets

Wing Rivet

  • Fluid tight
  • High fatigue life
  • Meets BACR15FH/BACR15GH/NAS1321 requirements
Allfast Briles Rivets

Briles Rivet®

  • Improved fatigue life
  • Best results in thin sheet applications
  • Self-sealing design
  • The best fuselage rivets
  • No shaving required
  • Meets BACR15FV and MS14218/9 requirements
Allfast Coated Solid Rivets

Coated Solid Rivet

  • Eliminates wet sealant
  • Improved fatigue life
  • Improved cycle time
  • Eliminates costly disposal of sealant
  • Huge cost savings
Allfast General Use Rivets

Universal Head Rivet

  • Structural rivet
  • Used in Non-air flow areas

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