Boeing Performance excellence Award

TriMas’ Allfast Fastening Systems Recognized for the Boeing Performance Excellence Award for 2017

TriMas’ Allfast Fastening Systems business was recognized for the sixth year in a row with the Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) for 2017.   In the announcement, Boeing said, ‘Performance excellence is fundamental to the success of both our companies. We extend our sincere congratulations to the employees of Allfast Fastening Systems Inc. for demonstrating their…

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Introducing Product Teams at Allfast

Here at Allfast, it’s all about teamwork which is why we have reorganized our business into product teams. This allows us to provide laser like focus on smaller segments of our business to ensure unparalleled support and responsiveness. We have established two primary product lines to support our solid rivet business and our blind rivet…

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Allfast Fastack Super Clamp

The Next Generation Tacking Fastener

As a leading designer and manufacturer of customer engineered fastening solutions, Allfast is focused on continuing to evolve our product offering to support our customers’ needs. With the success of our Fastack® line of temporary fasteners, we have invested in designing the next generation with an 800% increase in clamping force called Fastack® SC (Super…

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