Recognized Leader in Aerospace Fastening Solutions

TriMas Aerospace is comprised of Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, Allfast Fastening Systems, and Mac Fasteners.  Together, these businesses design and manufacture precision engineered components to serve the aerospace markets worldwide.  Our businesses pride themselves on working closely with our customers to select the right product for each unique application. 

As a group, TriMas Aerospace is committed to the development of next-generation fastening solutions to address complex aerospace applications and solve assembly challenges by reducing cycle time through facilitating robotic assembly techniques. TriMas Aerospace is the leader in structural blind fasteners for automation in support of current and next-generation aircraft, as well as OEM assembly processes. Our innovation team is made up of engineering expertise from our business units to add value by working directly with our customers to address assembly and process challenges to increase productivity, quality, speed, and efficiency while reducing overall installed cost.

Our Businesses

Allfast Fastening Systems logo

Allfast Fastening Systems is a leading global manufacturer of solid and blind rivets, blind bolts, temporary fasteners, and installation tools for the aerospace industry with content on substantially all commercial, military, and general aviation platforms in production and in service.

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners logo

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners is a leading designer and manufacturer of permanent threaded blind bolts, collars and temporary fasteners used in commercial, business, and military aircraft.  Monogram’s trademarked custom engineered fastener solutions like Visu-Lok®, Composi-Lok®, Radial-Lok®, and OSI-Bolt® offer unique solutions for the aerospace industry.


Mac Fasteners is a high-volume producer of standard aerospace screws and bolts including NAS, MS, AN and AS standards used around the world in support of a variety of commercial and military applications.