Allfast is committed to relentless support of our product and customer needs

Our company is organized by product teams to ensure the highest level of support for our customer base.  Our solids product team manages all of our solid rivet business along with your tooling needs.  Our blinds product team manages all of our blind rivet and blind bolt requirements.  These cross functional co-located teams are led by product line managers and made of sales, engineering, planners, and buyers to ensure the highest level of responsiveness to your needs.

Quality Policy

Quality excellence is the foundation of our business and the keystone in our strategy to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Allfast is dedicated to providing product that meets or exceeds all customer expectations by working within a culture of continuous improvement and open communication with both service providers and all interested parties.

Every Allfast employee is…

  • Part of the Quality Management System
  • Dedicated to meeting or exceeding their individual quality objectives
  • Made aware and understands his or her contribution to product safety as it pertains to its application
  • Responsible to work within a culture of ethical behavior and respect for their fellow worker at every level