Allfast offers a wide variety of fastening solutions through our solid rivets, blind rivets, blind bolts, and installation tooling. We provide solid rivets for composite, skin, wing, fuselage, and other applications. Allfast is known for our Allmax, Supermax and Tack rivet trademarked products, as well as A code, AB code, and NAS 1900 series available in monel, stainless, and aluminum materials. Our blind bolt solutions are ideal for both metallic and composite structures with large blind side footprint meeting industry standards such as MS21140/MS21141, BACB30VX, and BACB30VW.

Our Products

Allfast Solid Rivets

Solid Rivets

Allfast is the world leader in solid rivet design, manufacture and delivery including skin rivets, wing rivets, composite rivets, and premium rivets. With nearly 40,000 unique part numbers in our catalog, it is certain Allfast can produce the right solid rivet for your unique applications.

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Allfast products - Blind Rivets: Bulbing Type

Blind Rivets

Allfast delivers blind fasteners with consistent performance, exceptional quality and on time delivery. We are emerging as a world leader in blind fastener design, manufacture and delivery including Allmax/Supermax line, NAS1919/1921, A Codes, AB Codes, and others.

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Allfast Blind Bolts

Blind Bolts

Allfast is emerging as a supplier of choice for blind bolts and is qualified by major OEMs for both standard grip and extended grip configurations. Whether your application is metallic or composite, Allfast has the right blind bolt for you.

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Allfast Temporary Fasteners

Temporary Fasteners

Allfast offers a lineup of temporary tack fasteners to facilitate automated fastening, reduce cycle time, and improve assembly efficiency with the excellent hole fill, clamp up, and drill out properties offered by our tack fasteners.

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Allfast Installation Tools

Installation Tooling

Allfast offers a range of tooling to support the installation of our fastener line. Our tooling line consists of but is not limited to pneumatic, pneudralic, pulling heads and automation.

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