About Us

MAC is a leader in aerospace standard fasteners including AN, MS and NAS standards with over 8,000 part numbers including hex heads, pan heads, flat heads, 12 points and internal wrenching screws and bolts.

MAC is certified to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100 Revision D. Our environmentally controlled on-site laboratory is fully equipped to perform destructive, non-destructive, physical, and dimensional tests and analysis. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is utilized, and data is available along with complete certifications and test reports.

Company Profile

  • 1991 – Founded in Toronto, Ontario to manufacture aerospace standard bolts and screws
  • 1992 – Entered aerospace T-Bolt market
  • 1994 – Entered commercial T-Bolt market
  • 2002 – Moved into purpose built facility in Orangeville, Ontario
  • 2018 – Entered aerospace nut market
  • 2021 – Acquired by TriMas Aerospace